Here are some of the other companies I am affiliated with:

CO-OP is a community-based nonprofit agency whose mission is to provide supportive services to those in need throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.  I currently serve as CO-OP’s President/CEO and am also a co-founder.  This agency is not only the realization of a dream, but a home to many who benefit from our case-managed service delivery and continue to receive on-going support after completing one of our programs.  At CO-OP, we help people succeed!


We Taste LA is an up and coming blog that focuses on all the good things about living in and near Los Angeles.  Here, we focus on highlighting the best restaurants,  local finds, and hidden gems in the city and in surrounding areas.  While there are many challenges that face this global hub, there are also much to celebrate.  Join us on our journey as we explore Los Angeles and share with you how We Taste LA!


 The Silent i is the place where I share how I perceive the world in regards to race, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.  It is a platform to explore  the development of self and the ways in which we experience the world.