Hold Nothing Back is a memoir that chronicles the life of its author as a young child through her graduation from high school.  In it, she tells a compelling story of how she survived the daily indignities of poverty and abuse while using education to help her escape her circumstances.  This introspective work categorizes her experiences into life lessons directed towards children who still “suffer in silence” and are unable to find their own voices.

This book gives an introspective account of real-life experiences that read like a novel. It is written in a series of interwoven vignettes that recall specific incidences in Sharma’s life that continue to shape how she sees the world.  This book is a celebration of resiliency and the human will to survive.  Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 6 on Faith:

I’ll never forget the day my relationship with God changed.  It is a day that is so clearly etched in my mind that the mere mention of the word, that very ugly word makes me feel as if the little girl inside of me wants to come out swinging. And no matter how many years have gone by and how my understanding of the circumstances have changed.  I still feel such anger and helplessness when I allow yourself to go back to that day.  It was one of those rare moments when my sister’s two brothers were spending the night at our house.  I often wonder if they were there for a reason because it wasn’t very often that the two of them would visit, let alone sleep over.  All I know is that I am grateful that I was not alone.  That there were other souls to witness the stunning tragedy of that day…”

Hold Nothing Back is scheduled to be released in Spring 2013.  It will take you through a full range of emotions: anger, sadness, and joy, and leave you inspired to tell  your story!  You can join the “Hold” community on Facebook