Hire Me

Please see the Services section of this site for information on specific rates for each of the services I offer.

Initial Consultation:  There is no charge for an initial consultation.  My fees vary greatly depending upon the depth of services required.  After consultation, each client is provided with a cost estimate.  A cost estimate will not be provided without an initial consultation and determination of any expected services.  All fees and obligations will be in force upon submission of a fully negotiated and duly signed contract.

Payment Schedules: Typically, one-half of the estimated cost is due upon contract signing and shall be retained as a deposit unless otherwise specified in the contract.  Full and final fees are due upon delivery of the final product and/or completion of contracted services without exception.

Special Fees: Additional fees may be incurred for rush projects, late payments or returned checks, or for unavoidable services that extend beyond the original contract as allowed by law.  Clients will be provided with advance notice of special fees when feasible.

Discounts:  At times, I may grant a one-time discount for contracted services at my sole discretion.  These discounts are non-negotiable once the project has started.  Promotional incentives must be presented prior to contract signing.

Please contact me for specific inquiries regarding fees.