One of the most popular services I provide are my Learn, Work, and Live Coaching sessions.  During these sessions I work with you one-on-one to help you improve the way you learn, work, and live.  Sessions are 1-hour in length.  Together we identify your specific needs and develop a plan that will become your road map to success!

My coaching specialties include:

  • Career Coaching  - entry, intermediate, and advanced
  • Academic Coaching - secondary, postsecondary, and doctoral
  • Executive  Coaching - nonprofit, small business, and corporate
  • Life Coaching – resiliency, vision-building, and work-life balance
  • Caregiver Coaching – family, advocate, and long-distance

I offer single sessions scheduled as needed, as well as monthly, and quarterly packages.  Coaching sessions can take place in-person or conveniently by phone.  Group coaching sessions are also available!  Single Sessions (1-hour) are $80.00, Monthly Sessions  (1-hour per week in a 4-week block – you save $10/session) are $280.00, and Quarterly Sessions (1-hour bi-weekly within a 3 month block – you save $20/session) are $360.

Contact me today to set up your free initial consultation.